Telecommunication & Data

Both private industry and the public sector depend upon fast, reliable telecommunications and data services to connect within their structure(s) and connect with external entities. A solid and evolving telecom/data infrastructure is essential to continuing business operations, safe transmission of sensitive messages, and overall peace of mind.

ADM specializes in low voltage wiring, infrastructure cabling, audio/video, telecom and data solutions that improve the way you communicate and do business.

ADM can design and install low voltage cabling and wiring along with the equipment necessary for voice/data networks, wireless networks, point-of-sale systems, security/surveillance, building access systems, building management systems, and IP solutions. In addition, infrastructure cabling is an important and often essential feature that wires data centers, commercial offices, supply chains and other locations for secure data and voice communications. Our engineers pride themselves on the attention to detail that they bring to each project.

ADM also assists our clients by integrating audio and video communications to help them operate more efficiently. Emerging technologies allow organizations to do more, travel less and improve connectivity.


  • If you require more information about our security services, contact us so we can analyze and customize your needs.
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