Special Events Security

Our Special Event Security Officers and staff provide effective event security services and security guards for private events such as private parties, corporate event security, conventions, business meetings, product launches, grand openings and more.

Our private event security officers and staff will conduct threat assessments to evaluate & determine any possible risks at your next private venue or event

ADM Security Services provides executive protection services and armed or unarmed guards for Black Tie Events, Corporate Conferences, Fund Raisers, Political and Entertainment Events, Charity Events, Government Events, Expositions, VIP Gatherings, Entertainment Events, Movie Production, & other high profile events.

Our attention to detail ensures that every private venue or special event is secure at all phases.

ADM Security Services is uniquely qualified to deliver protection for Special Events requiring a more sophisticated & refined presence.

We can assist with all your protective needs. Our secure protective escort will ensure that our clients arrive safe to their event or destination with our executive transportation services.


  • If you require more information about our security services, contact us so we can analyze and customize your needs.
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