Industrial Security

ADM has been providing our clients with industrial security services that exceed their expectations - and industry standards - for many years. We understand that industrial facilities often face unique safety and security challenges because of hazardous materials, valuable inventory, federal regulations, and more. Whether you have a manufacturing facility, warehouse, plant, or other industrial facility, we have the experience to ensure the highest standard in safety and security.

We begin with an in-depth survey of your site and current safety and security procedures, discussing your needs and preferences. We design training programs, manuals, procedures, and industrial security services fully customized to the unique qualities of your facility.

We assign officers to your facility who are highly screened and specially trained in industrial security services. We ensure that your facility meets or exceeds security standards, and customize our services based on the requirements of your facility and organization.

ADM designs a unique set of industrial security services for each one of our industrial clients.


  • If you require more information about our security services, contact us so we can analyze and customize your needs.
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